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Your Dog's 5 Basic Needs

  1. Time with you. Dogs give you unconditional love and loyalty and desire nothing more than spending quality time with you. You are their whole world.

  2. Adequate shelter to protect your dog from all types of weather. If outdoor temperatures are too uncomfortable for you, they are probably too uncomfortable for your dog.

  3. Nutritious food and clean water. Fresh water needs to be available at all times and regular meals, ideally twice a day, must be provided.

  4. Consistent veterinarian care to receive vaccines, heartworm and parasite prevention, and flea and tick control. Puppies must receive a series of shots to protect them from deadly diseases.

  5. Exercise and playtime. For good health and to stay fit, dogs need physical and mental stimulation. Frisbee, fetch, walking, games, and agility all satisfy this need.

Rainbow Light Art_edited.jpg

What is the Rainbow Bridge?  It is a mythical connection between Heaven and Earth where many believe we will be reunited with our beloved, deceased pets.  Someone has created an actual Rainbow Bridge for grieving pet owners to memorialize their pets.  Click here to read more.

Create a Humane

Your pet is not the only animal who visits your backyard.  Click here for tips on how to encourage helpful wildlife like birds and pollinators to enjoy your yard. 

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